Playground Audits And Surface Testing

Playground Audits and Surface Testing

Playground Audits and Inspections:

Playground operators have an ongoing duty to ensure a safe and compliant play space. This includes regular inspections of playground equipment and surfacing.

Complete Playgrounds can provide both routine inspections as well as comprehensive audits of playgrounds to assess their compliance with AS 4685.1-6,11:2014 and AS 4685.0:2017 Playground Equipment and Surfacing.

Our inspectors are certified Comprehensive Playground Inspectors Australia – level 3 Auditors and have extensive experience in both playground installation and design.

Playground Surface Testing:

The best way to ensure that a soft fall surface provides impact attenuation capabilities in compliance is to perform an onsite impact test. Complete Playgrounds can provide impact tests on surfaces and report on surface compliance to AS 4422:2016 Playground Surfacing – Specifications, requirements and test methods and include recommendations.

Over 20 years of experience with soft fall products and installation ensures our inspectors have an extensive knowledge base and expertise in both playground surfacing and equipment.

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