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Complete Playgrounds uses only the highest quality products available. We create premium playgrounds that prioritise safety, look fantastic, and are designed to withstand the Australian climate.

Factors to consider include; location and surface of the space, aesthetics preferences, budget, and any legal or compliance requirements. Please contact us to discuss which product may be best suited to your needs.

Soft fall is an impact absorbing layer that is laid beneath the finished surface of your area. The thickness and level of your impact absorbing layer will determine the critical fall height and thus the height of play equipment.

Soft fall surfaces may be installed using Synthetic Grass or Wet Pour Rubber. Where there is no play equipment the area can be covered with just a “Wear Layer” where there are no soft fall pads used and just a layer of Synthetic Grass or Wet Pour Rubber.

Soft fall surfacing is required to meet Australian Standards AS 4422:2016 Playground Surfacing for playground safety. The level and type of soft fall you require will be determined by the play equipment you choose for your area.

Soft fall/Safety Surfacing need only be installed to the required Safe Zone area of the play equipment, the remaining play area may consist of a wear layer. This kind of installation reduces the cost of your surfacing.

The Australian Standard AS 4422:2016 Playground Surfacing – Specifications, Requirements and Test Methods which specifies testing requirements that will determine the Critical Fall Height for playground safety equipment. This height is determined by dropping an instrument from various heights onto surfaces and measuring the point where one of the two safety criteria are exceeded. The two criteria are the Head Injury Criterion exceeding 1000 and the maximum acceleration due to impact exceeding 200g.
Different thicknesses and types of soft fall determine the critical fall height and thus the height the playground equipment can be.

Complete Playgrounds has had independent testing carried out to ensure our installations meet the current Australian standards AS 4422:2016 Playground Surfacing – Specifications, Requirements and Test Methods and also include Playground Equipment and Surfacing Australian Standards AS 4685:2014 and AS 4685.0:2017. Results of these tests are available by request. Drop test are not carried out on each installation however we are able to arrange for this testing as a separate service.

Complete Playgrounds Project Managers have completed training in Playground Safety and Inspection conducted by Kidsafe Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia. Complete Playgrounds adhere to and exceed all standards and recommendations set out by the Foundation and relevant governing bodies in regards to playground surfacing.

Synthetic or artificial turf / grass is a polyethylene or polypropylene fibre (plastic) woven into a rubber latex backing. It comes in various heights, densities and colours.

All synthetic grass products installed by Complete Playgrounds come with a 7 year manufacturers warranty. However products will last between 5 and 15 years depending on the product used, the amount and type of traffic and its exposure to the elements.

It will melt rather that ignite, however with sand infill only the tips of the fibres will be affected with the sand extinguishing the flame.

Our products are tested to Australian conditions and are all UV treated. This makes them more durable and able to withstand the Australian climate compared to other less quality synthetic grass products.

One of the many advantages of Synthetic grass is that it is a low maintenance product. It is recommended to do some general housekeeping like washing off spills and sweeping off foreign objects like leaves, dirt and sticks.

Wet Pour Rbber is a porous, durable, poured-in-place surface, developed for various applications to give maximum safety. Wet Pour Rubber consists of rubber granules or shred bound with a polyurethane resin to form a continuous, seamless surface. Wet pour rubber can be easily installed around difficult areas such as existing playground equipment, tree roots and pathways. The product does not need a flat surface for installation as it may follow the natural gradient of the land.

There is a recycled pre-coloured product as well as a number of manufactured products. See our Wet Pour Rubber page for more information.

A Rubber Wetpour surface will last 10-15+ years if installed and maintained correctly.

Water tends to drain off the surface to the falls and soft fall layer underneath will not become “water-logged”. The wear layer is porous, however most drainage occurs due to the falls of the surface.

Yes, wet pour rubber is safe for humans and pets

There are large ranges of colours available. Please refer to our colour charts or contact us if you would like some samples or further options.