Soft Fall Rubber Products

Soft Fall Rubber Products

Soft Fall Layer

A Soft fall is an impact absorbing layer that is laid beneath the finished surface of your area. Where there is no play equipment the area can be covered with just a “Wear Layer” of rubber where there are no soft fall pads used and just a layer of Synthetic Grass or Wet Pour Rubber.

Australian Standards specify that an impact-absorbing surface is required for areas where falls from play equipment are possible. This surface is commonly referred to as Soft fall (also known as softfall, safety flooring, soft floor or rubber flooring).

Soft fall can be in the form of rubber, synthetic grass, shock absorbing pads and even woodchips. The degree and type of soft fall required is determined by a number of factors including the height of the play equipment.

All installations carried out by Complete Playgrounds are completed in accordance with Australian Standards set out in AS/NZS 4422:1996 and a Certificate of Compliance is issued with installations.

We can provide advice on your soft fall requirements and professional onsite testing can also be arranged to ensure your surface meets Australian Standards.

Soft fall Rubber Application:

  • Playgrounds
  • Sporting Surfaces
  • Pool surrounds
  • Pathways
  • Balconies


Soft Fall Rubber Products 1

Soft Fall Rubber Benefits:

  • Durable and resilient surface
  • No sharp edges
  • Reduce likelihood of injury from falls
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Great range of colours available
  • Highly flexible – can be moulded to contour and shape
  • Various thicknesses can be applied
  • Endless design possibilities: learning aids and games such as hopscotch, numbers, letters, shapes and graphics can be applied directly to the surface.
Soft Fall Rubber Products 2

All soft fall installations come with a 3 year workmanship warranty and are done according to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4422:1996 “Playground surfacing – Specifications, requirements and test methods”.