Shades & Sails

Shades & Sails

Shades & Sails 1Complete Playgrounds provide shade sails, awnings, canopies and outdoor umbrellas made from top quality fabrics.

Shade sails are required to comply with Australian Standards for playground design in particular AS4685 – 2004. This covers aspects such as the height of the sails above the play equipment, and where the poles may be located relative to the play structures.

All our installers:
  • Hold a current installation licence
  • Are qualified and experienced
  • Adhere to Australian Standards for playground design AS 4685:2014.

Shade structures can be built or other material. This will impact upon aspects such as allowable light and UV protection. The below chart from Sun Smart is a helpful guide when considering what shade structure may be appropriate:

Selecting Shade Material:

What to consider when choosing shade material for your shade structures.
Suitability and lifespan of the material if the primary question – do you need a waterproof fabric, and does it offer the right level of light transmission? Does the shade fabric material  have a high UPF rating and it is easy to maintain?

Please contact us for further information regarding installation of shade products.

Shade sail types


Shade sail types table


We are happy to provide a free no-obligation quotation for installation any shade products.