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“Create n’ Play” Rubber inlays

We’ve been busy here at Complete Playgrounds designing and creating our new range of “Create n Play” rubber inlays.

Rubber inlays are prefabricated Wet Pour Rubber shapes that are made in our warehouse and simply laid into the new rubber surface. They are quick to install saving time so you can enjoy your play space sooner. Many are also a great educational tool, they can be customised to suit your playground and, of course, add more fun!

We have be working on a number of fun designs such as fish, dolphins, hopscotches, butterflies, footprints, crocodiles, flowers and bumble bees just to name a few. Inlays can be custom made or a design can be chosen from our ever growing range of prefabricated inlays. A full range of colours options are also available so contact the Complete Playgrounds sales team today!

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&Quot;Create N' Play&Quot; Rubber Inlays 2 Wet Pour Rubber Crocodile &Quot;Create N' Play&Quot; Rubber Inlays 3 Wet Pour Rubber Ladybeetle Wet Pour Rubber Flower Inlay